Monday, 18 January 2010

Will Dr Jane Barton be struck off?

We are now approaching the General Medical Council’s decision-making day on Dr Jane Barton… that is if anyone thinks they are capable of making a decision on this case? It certainly has been proven to be a very difficult task for the GMC; pushing paperwork round their establishment for some 12 years trying to justify how Dr Jane Barton can be allowed to practice.

It is very difficult for the public to understand how their system works. When you see good doctors struck off for “whistle blowing” - FACT! A number of people have ended up having to turn to the GMC with their complaints only to be let down time and time and time again.

Their code of practice is “Guiding Doctors-Protecting Patients” yet it appears to me that the GMC have not quite grasped the meaning of this. It is also extraordinary that the “Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence” (CHRE), that investigate into complaints have not started a serious investigation of their own? There again, those who have been through all these Government/Bodies will understand that it is like trying to tumble down the walls of Jericho and that is why probably some Doctors can, and do get away with Murder - in this case it appears with the assistance of our Health Service (NHS). I feel sure that if these alleged murders ,which could well go into the 100’s at the hands of Dr Barton were in a private establishment, then she would already be in prison.

Dr Barton has been called a Monster on National Television, hearing and seeing her at both the Inquest and GMC; I can understand where the families are coming from. This is a woman who has no conscience, she appears unstoppable and an untreatable predator. It is chilling to listen to her arrogant replies to anyone’s questions regarding her reasoning behind the overdoses of Morphine.

It is also concerning that the Barristers for Dr Jane Barton, Mr Langsdale QC and Mr Jenkins, turn to Dr Karol Sikora to ‘defend’ her. Dr Karol Sikora is a doctor specialising in Cancer patients, - ONLY ONE of these patients had cancer. Dr Karol Sikora, the same Doctor ‘hired’ to examine the “Lockerbie Bomber’s” state of health; the criminal whom he said had only weeks to live. Not surprisingly he lives on.

Dr Sikora considers that the morphine given in these cases was a small dose. Never mind that these patients were not in pain, terminally ill, and nor were they opiate tolerant. Mr Langsdale never considered asking those questions while trying to strengthen Dr Jane Barton’s defence. I would be very concerned under Dr Karol Sikora’s care if he considers the amount of Diamorphine given to these patients was a small dose. What amount of diamorphine will Dr Karol Sikora administer to his cancer patients if this dose is small? Very frightening indeed so all be careful under his care!

Brave nurses blew the whistle in 1991 on Dr Barton’s alleged killing of patients with morphine through Portable syringe drivers. Syringe drivers that she introduced when she took up her new post at Redclyffe Annex and Northcott House. The nurses were subjected to endless meetings with the attendance of Dr Jane Barton and made to feel like trouble makers and bullied into either leaving their posts or remaining silent.

What chance did they have to stop her practices and why was this allowed to happen and why was it allowed to continue? I think we all have to ask Mr Max Millett the Chief Executive of the Portsmouth Healthcare Trust for the answer to this! One year’s worth of meetings, letters and concerns continued from February 1991 until January 1992, all those letters and minutes landed on the desk of the Chief Executive Mr Max Millett but did he deal with it? No, he put it in the shredder and awaited his golden handshake. As he/they been made accountable? No! He/they received a big payout in 2002 along with Tony Horne and Ian Piper who were also aware of Dr Jane Barton’s regime.

No doubt whatsoever the GMC decide, there will be no remorse from Dr Jane Barton. No apology to the families from her for their loved ones who were put to sleep worse than animals without justification or knowledge that they would not speak to their loved ones again. Her smiles and laughter at the GMC tell you all you need to know about this woman! When the chairman at the GMC said that her actions caused severe respiratory depression, and premature death, she did not hang her head in shame, she turned to her dedicated husband Tim an Ex Naval Doctor and they smiled at each other…. No doubt Dr Tim will be by her side at the GMC for the verdict, or will they hide at home like they did at the Inquest?

How much more will these families have to endure to see justice?

They have had a shambles of an Inquest at great cost to the taxpayer where the Coroner Mr Bradley refused the jury sight of all the evidence and allowed witnesses to clearly perjure themselves on the stand without question. Mr Bradley will not release the transcripts; he thinks he owns them, for the time being that is.

Let us look at what Dr Jane Barton has so far cost the taxpayer as this government continues to try and cover-up her malpractices:

1. 3 Police Investigations
2. Commission of Health Improvement (CHI) commissioned by Sir Liam Donaldson
3. Professor Richard Baker commissioned by Sir Liam Donaldson to do an Audit on the deaths at the Gosport war Memorial Hospital, that report Sir Liam Donaldson will not release.
4. An Inquest of 10 deaths at Portsmouth Magistrates Court
Now we all wait in anticipation for the General Medical Council!

BUT most of all we all wait on the CPS and Mr David Perry Q.C. to put Dr Jane Barton in a criminal court. Or is the Government machine going to stop it for a third time - after all, they’ve had the opportunity to prosecute twice before.

Rest assure JUSTICE will be done.

J Marples

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