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Effects of Pulsed Microwave Radiation by Velma Lyrae

The research on microwaves for use in cooking was initially done by German scientists in order to feed the army faster than would be possible using the conventional methods. The research was picked by both American and Russian scientists after the war. The latter did research which alarmed them and they prohibited the use of microwaves because of its harmful effects. The controversy continue to present day.

Here is an article by Velma Lyrae on the Effects on Pulsed Microwave Radiation.

Lately I have become an avid listener to LBC Radio. If anyone is not familiar to the programme, the Host gives out the latest discussion topic and people of all walks of life offer differing opinions by telephoning in to bring real conversations to the table.

The latest topic on offer was ADHD - a scientific breakthrough had revealed it was caused by a genetic breakage. Very quickly the phone lines jammed, people ringing in to disagree with the findings, but because I was used to the challenging opinions, I wasn't particularly startled by the response.

I don't have ADHD, so why is this of any interest to me? Well, I'm electrosensitive and because my condition isn't recognized in the UK (much like the position ADHD held), I have spent the past five years trying to find the research for the possible mechanism/link to my symptoms and how it could be damaging my health. Thus because Authorities will not decide on the link, the mechanism, the condition is immediately thrown back, like a fish back to the sea, without even examining it. There's no proof how the fish got onto the line, therefore we don't see the fish, throw it back. So I have been trying for the past 5 years to show them the rod, the bite, to pass on the Anglers' expertise, bringing fishermen to them, but to no avail.

In my attempts at bringing research into the light, I have just finished dissecting the ICNIRP Report - a collection of Scientific tests of effects from mobile signals which revealed amongst other things, DNA breaks and effects on gene expression. So when the subject of gene breakage came up both in the mobile tests and with ADHD, my antennae went up. I followed this up by an online search for ADHD and mobiles......and there is was...sitting there, like a shiny sparkly jewel “ADHD connected to mobile phones”. The Author? Sanjay Gupta, Neurosurgeon, Chief Medical Officer. In fact held in such high esteem, Barrack Obama offered him the position of Surgeon General. What higher credentials can you reach?

So later that day when I struck up a conversation with a lady in Sainsbury's, and the talk turned to the latest headline of ADHD, I couldn't wait to share my newly found jewel with her. Mr Gupta's opinion, a Neurosurgeon no less “oh no” she said “I just think they're lazy”. I had to check myself, I thought she had misheard, so I proffered again, a Chief Medical Officer, he's a Brain Surgeon I said earnestly “oh no” she insisted “I don't believe that, they're just lazy”. I was floored. So what just happened there? I mean what can you say to a person who clings so doggedly to an opinion that clearly has no substance. I pictured a juror who has the evidence before them, they could choose to hear the Chief Medical Officer's opinion, Neurological experience, qualifications, intelligence, or their own “Mary Fairy” opinion, with no experience of brain surgery, no qualifications of the sort. So what is her opinion based on? A stubbornness to cling to a once held belief? Is it a need to dump our infallibilities somewhere else, with someone else. Someone else is lazy, someone else is flawed, not us, not I.

You might ask, why it matters anyway, what Mary Fairy thinks? We've heard the facts you say, we know what's right. Well this is the kind of opposition I encounter everyday as an Electrosensitive. That we Electrosensitives encounter every day, all 1.6 million of us, trying to justify our condition to people and to Government &Health Authorities - to people who should know better, who will not even consider the Scientific evidence, and I struggle like most Electrosensitives to present ever more evidence and after years & years, I am left wondering like my conversation with Mary, what is going on, why we are not being listened to. It seems no amount of Scientific evidence presented to the Government or the Health Authorities is enough. I wonder if it is because like Mary, we cannot get through the first film, the first layer of belief, and so no amount of scientific evidence will ever be enough. The fish that came from the sea cannot be a fish because we cannot see the rod, and no matter how many fish we throw up on shore and how many times we point to the thin translucent strand of the rod, the belief like the sun shining too brightly will block the viewer from seeing what is there before them. Or perhaps it is to inconvenient to see the thread.

What of the point I was making to Mary about ADHD and mobiles, somehow this had become lost. Was it too destructive to the world she had built around her, so that her mind pushed it out? She might have to consider “lazy” might not be located with teenagers. Where will the notion reside now? Who would take the “lazy” crown? If it couldn't be found in the world around her, would it have to be located within, within her, within i. Until this barrier, the film of belief is broken, stripped away, she will not be able to hear the next stage of the argument - the possibility that mobile phones are causing ADHD.

What would it mean if she began to consider this? That the Government are lying, covering up, conspiring with Corporations, to either harm us, kill us, destroy communities or could it be a clever plan to cover up their incompetency or perhaps they are just plain stupid, neglectful and have no regard for our health. Perhaps an experiment gone wrong, now it's out of hand. Her world would come crumbling down.

For Mary's own conscience, I would suspect she would have to confront feelings of guilt, that she had misjudged the children & teenagers with ADHD, it wasn't their fault. She would have to retract her venom, she would have to take the blame, the guilt for wrongly accusing them.

This feeds very nicely into early mobile phone neurolinguistic programming, subliminal messaging, which Mark Thomas revealed Coca Cola used to sell their product. I remember in particular a mobile ad where young man was caught supposedly in the middle of an act, on the bed, box of tissues by his side, you get the picture. In walks the maid and he throws a cover on.....his old outdated mobile phone. By clever association, they had managed to reprogram the psyche, shifting the psyche's Guilt and Shame onto not having the latest mobile phone, all guilt, shame can be lifted if you buy the new model. Who doesn't want to rid themselves of existential shame and guilt? Add to this the concept of 'i' Who doesn't feel the supremacy of I, it is a survival trait, inbuilt. Next in the mix, the concept of “connection” and the bond is cemented. The newly created psyche is further developed with the new generations of technology - Wii - WE, allows for that connection. SMART - who doesn't want to be clever? It's no mistake these names and associations have been picked. Even new Kindle book reminds us of kinder (German for children) and kind, kind children - how can the pulsating microwave radiation from Kind Children be harmful to us? What if we had a new gadget, the same gadget and called it “RADPULSE” would it hold the same appeal?

Does it mean we have been conned? Sold down the river? Frederick Jameson noted that when we buy a product we don't buy it for it's physical qualities, we buy an idea, a concept. We don't buy Coca cola - a brown fizzy phosphorus liquid sold in a bottle, we buy Unity - I want to teach the world to sing, multiculturalism, a free world, happiness, nature.....freedom, spontaneity, Life. We buy a bottle of Life. Kruger explores this notion with her Art. Effectively, with a mobile phone, we have been sold a bomb, slow releasing, wrapped up in novelty, sugary shiny wrapping paper, add on a name we intrinsically know as us, “i” and what's to argue with? What's not to like? Have we been sold down the river? I'm afraid so. But at what point do we hand back the bomb? About turn, about face? Or do we like Mary stick to our guns, our outmoded beliefs that “i” radiation phone must be safe because it's called “I” and “Wii” radiation must be alright because its you and me, us and we need each other, we all need to connect. Of course we do, that's why they sold it to us. You don't need pulsed radiation to connect, Speaking on even just a technological need to connect, there are wires, underground that will do the job perfectly well. Yes, we have been sold down the river, but there's still time to jump out of the boat and swim to shore.

But can we jump ship, cash in the chips? What do we lose when we do this? We will have to retract, take back, renew our beliefs. Well if you believe in Science and have a scientific mind, you do this all the time, you refresh the Truth page with the latest evidence, you accept there is no resting ground for Truth, it is always developing, changing, moving forward to reveal a greater clarity - that is the nature of science. If you don't do this, it becomes fixed - like a Religion, a dogma, never changing, and yet this is what appears to be happening now to our Scientific evidence of electromagnetic frequencies. No sooner does a report come out showing Emfs effect on the human body, mind, the Government brings in an “Expert” to refute it, to say “no, this isn't so, I don't believe that”, throw in a few Newtonian scientific facts of protons and atoms, and bob's your uncle, no layperson has an idea of what is being said. The experts have moved on from Newton to Quantum Physics, so the discussion ends. Our Experts in the field, Andrew Goldsworthy retired lecturer at Imperial College London has not been called in to give his opinion. We have not called in the Experts in other countries, Specialists who have devoted their careers to this area, Olle Johanssen of Karolinska Institute, Magda Havas of Trent University.

As a species, how is our knowledge of Science to develop if we block these discoveries? What if we considered them? If we considered them, would our consciousness shift so that suddenly we would be able to see the thread? The invisible thread. Our Government, our Health Authorities are blocking off the possibility of mankind learning about frequencies, about resonance and what this could mean to us as a human race. Sound (frequencies) often heralded as the key to the entire universe. How many people know about Cymatics Are they really rejecting the model builder's approach upon which many of our Scientific Discoveries have been built upon? Are they blocking any research in this area because it wouldn't benefit them financially, not only that but in the fear this could see the collapse of our financial world built on Mobile Phone revenue? Perhaps resonance could replace the pharmaceutical industry. If we had no mobile revenue it could destroy our financial institutions, media sponsorship and of course there is the infrastructure to pay for. Where would the tax money come from, oh the horror, the horror - first the cigarette tax, now the mobile phone tax. It's no wonder they are fighting so hard not to acknowledge people like us who are affected by these microwave frequencies. But at what price? For me there is no question, Our Human Rights not be experimented upon with these aggressive frequency signals should be the prime concern. For an intelligent society we should make the development of our Scientific understanding, our spiritual evolution, philosophy & wisdom major concerns. For the Government - there is only one concern - money. Oh sorry, two....Power.

For us as individuals, consumers, mobile phone users, do we refuse to budge, convincing ourselves we are “safe” within our “i” radiation phones? Do we stop listening, considering the evidence, like on a desert island, I see no ships, I do not believe in ships. The ship sails away. Do we stop moving forward, refreshing the page, in the midst of our evolution, Do we stop still?

Velma Lyrae

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Astute observations and ruminations as to how the human race is in grand denial when it comes to microwave radiation