Friday, 18 February 2011

SLAP A BITCH by Dr Helen Bright

I wish I had this demotivational poster years ago. Anyway, if you want to read about why some men hate women click here.

Much has been written about misogyny but not enough done.

Sometimes women take justice into their own hands like these four Muslim wives who beat their husband to death. Click here to read.

And for the balanced article here is Islamic advice how to beat a woman:
Click Here.

Naturally. people have a choice.

I noticed that Canadian Privy Council visited Doctors4Justice to read an article I wrote about so called honour killings, also a problem in Canada.
There is some pressure put on the government to increase the population to 100 million . Immigration drives housing development and as we know some people are only concerned about making money and not about considering social consequences.

Immigration brings with it all sorts of problems as well as some benefits.

Misogyny does not stay at home irrespective of its origin. It always comes out to a wider social arena.

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