Sunday, 20 March 2011

Astrology and star signs of judges at ECHR by Dr Helen Bright

Out of curiosity I decided to find out the star signs of judges at European Court of Human Rights. As their dates of birth are available on the Internet this was not so difficult. The most frequent horoscope star sign of the judges at European Court of Human Rights is Scorpio. :) What a surprise or perhaps not! Those who know about the horoscopes would say it makes perfect sense that only people to whom time is of no consequence when it comes to justice would endure all it takes to get to it and would be the most committed. Scorpios have been described as elusive just like justice itself but also the best lawyers. Demanding of themselves and others, Scorpios are not to be messed with. It is exactly what life is like itself if one wants to have justice. They are compassionate and determined and can achieve any goal they set themselves especially with one particular sign.

The star signs with lowest representation amongst judges at ECHR are Gemini (said to have amazing brain able to integrate knowledge into new concepts but difficult to keep up with, and lacking patience), followed by Cancer (too sentimental), and Capricorn (too busy making money).

The most common signs are so called Fixed signs amongst the judges. These like stability.

The least common are Cardinal signs, the ones that take action. Cardinal signs are the people who start something (leaders).

The ones in the middle or the second most common group amongst the judges are communicators or Mutable signs. The role of this lot is to prevent the Cardinal and Fixed destroying each other. The most common amongst the mutable signs are the Virgos who are compatible with Scorpios but can never escape them.

Total number analyzed 46 judges. Many questions remained unanswered.

Is there anything in this fun study? The sample is by its very nature small and limits meaningful statistical analysis. There are 12 star signs and 46 judges. One would expect therefore, only three judges to be Scorpios, but this is not the case. There are eight.

There is certainly some scientific evidence from other studies for several biological aspects related to time of birth.

What has fascinated me now for some time is the influence of food/medication on genes. Food can be seasonal. Different amounts of radiation are also seasonal. Can environmental changes influence brain development? There is some scientific evidence that this is the case. Mice given methamphetamine showed different gene expression.
With global supply of food there is less seasonal variation for the most affluent. However, biological clock is set depending on season of birth and it may influence the level of activity. However, if one looks at the signs regarded as Cardinal they are all born in different seasons. Physical activity as shown in mice is just one aspect of behavior and no one knows what they think.


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