Friday, 16 December 2011

Congratulations to Drs Ewa Michalak and Julian DeHavilland

To read the judgement from Leeds in the case of Dr Michalak click HERE
It was Mr Vincent Keter who sought and won the right for husband to represent his wife in a court of law in UK. He represented his wife Professor Petruska Clarkson, a well known and
talented psychologist after this victory.

Dr Julian DeHavilland (44 years old), a talented scientist but not a lawyer had to learn how to use the law in the case of unfair dismissal of his wife following her pregnancy. He did brilliantly!!! Not just for his wife but he would have raised hopes for so many people in this country. Never give up, work hard and do your best.
Dr Ewa Michalak (53 years old) suffered from references made about her defective professional competence allegedly because she came from Poland but only after she became pregnant. Her colleagues resented extra duties imposed on them as the result of her absence when she went on a maternity leave. Organized campaign (mobbing) led to unfair dismissal.
Dr Ewa Michalak's husband, Dr Julian DeHavilland, told the tribunal he was constantly worried about the safety of his wife and his son and had to give up his job to care for them. Dr Michalak suffered from depression as the result of years of harassment from her place of work.
Years later her husband won the case and compensation of over £4.4 million.
General Medical Council hearing was appealed and she won that too: HERE


Anonymous said...

Dr De Havilland has shown immense fortitude, determination and courage to defend his wife from an onslaught of huge proportions. He is clearly a very intelligent and capable man. Other people can take encouragement from his victory in clearing his wife's name and restoring her reputation. Those he has shamed will end their careers in ignominy for their appalling behaviour. Perhaps after such a stunning victory we will see less discrimination in the NHS. Julian De Havilland has done all ethnic minority and women doctors a great service. Can Doctors4justice thank him on our behalf?

flatulent ex-dentist said...

please help! I was treated like this but lost everything.

Doctors4Justice said...

Please, see a response in the discussion forum.

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