Friday, 10 February 2017

General Medical Council and Nursing Council to be abolished

It has been proposed by Doctors4Justice that there should be High Court specialised in medicine and related matters. A really independent court with proper investigative powers vested in properly trained judges. Brains and real power. Not the General Medical Council that pays amongst others exorcists (NHS medical doctors working as their fitness to practice panellists) to ruin the lives of other doctors and patients.

Newspapers reported in UK that Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt will publish consultation paper and that proposal of merging medical regulators has been opposed by medical regulators themselves. We do not see any need to comment on that as we would expect that those who are doing well would not want change from their circumstances. Establishment. Yes, the same medical establishment that is completely incapable of rehabilitating whistleblowers. More deaths of doctors and patients is really just fine with them. There is plenty of money to buy more paper and ink at all medical regulators to print yet another paper on how things should be but never actually do anything in practice.

Merging dysfunctional regulators would be like ordering a couple of criminal families to live in a bigger house together so they become more effective. Surely, a joke of some sort.