Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Unforgettable: General Medical Council response to Department of Health Consultation on Whistleblowing

General Medical Council (GMC) responded to consultation by Department of Health regarding whistleblowing with advice that National Health Service staff are trained in human rights and how discrimination affects whistle-blowers. This is exactly what GMC does not do. When Freedom of Information request was made regarding training of GMC Fitness to Practice (FTP) panelists, GMC did not respond for months in full knowledge of the answers and thus breached Freedom of Information Act 2000.

CLICK HERE to read request made under FOIA and GMC responses.

No, there is no training of FTP panelists in Human Rights or about organizational reprisals against whistle blowers. Even when FTP panel were asked to admit into evidence scientific papers about Whistleblowing and discrimination during whistleblower's disciplinary hearing (sham peer review) they refused it. Ignorance is bliss for that lot. Sham peer review is still the rule at GMC.

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CLICK Here to read GMC Response to Department of Health Consultation on Whistleblowing:

My favorite bit is this one, of course:

Department of Health Question to GMC: What proportionate measures might we implement that could enhance this positive effect?

GMC answer: Practical and focused training on human rights/discrimination issues would help to ensure that all staff identify where patients or colleagues are put at risk of receiving poor or less favourable treatment as a result of reasonable adjustments not being made.

Simply, unforgettable.


Anonymous said...

So it's like the Evil quote the Judicial principles when asked about it's conduct.

Anonymous said...

GMC has two different set of criteria to investigate concerns and some people are justified to say that its not less than a double standard. The following article written by a British Cardiologist Dr.Peter Wilmshurst provides evidence of racial bias despite GMC's claim that its not due to ethnicity but the place of work which brings more International Medical Graduates to Fitness to Practise (FtP). A British Professor who claimed false qualification was given only PRIVATE WARNING . Seven Black and Ethinic minority doctors claiming false qualifications and/or making false job application were treated harshly; three were erased, one suspended and on reprimanded. Is it fairness in this most civilized nation.

You can find full article in the following link


A Personal View. Dr Peter Wilmshurst

'....Some may ask why the Professional Conduct Committee publicly suspended or erased from the Medical
Register a number of doctors, all of whom had African or Asian names, for claiming qualifications that they had not been awarded, but the GMC decided that in the case of a white British professor at a major academic institution only a private warning not to do it again was required.'

Not to mention that Dr Pal, an ethnic minority doctor who raised concerns on patients' safety was labelled as mentally ill and the judge branded GMC as a 'STALANISTIC REGIME'. Its unfortunate that the GMC has assassinated the career of a brilliant doctor and the NHS has lost an eminent professional merely because of racial bias. GMC has been and will be used to silence and prosecute whistleblowers and drastic action will be taken against ethnic minority doctors. There is still hope if the GMC and other regulatory bodies change their attitudes and stop taking dictations from NHS Managers and stick to their primary duty of patients' care and not to punish genuine whistleblower.