Friday, 23 September 2011

Locum Shortage and Envy

23.9.2011Many people have died for freedom, yet many UK doctors in permanent NHS jobs have not been appreciated freedom as a general principle. For example, locum doctors who are more independent than those with permanent NHS contracts have suffered persecutions (sham peer reviews) as a matter of principle and especially when they did not know their place. CLICK ON THE PHOTO OR HERE.
Now the prices for locums have gone up (300%)as the laws of supply and demand dictate.
General Medical Council bowed to the pressure from Labour government and still follows the same policy of locum oppression. Complaints against locum doctors are stream 1 complaints (as if these were serious and had to be investigated by GMC) while the same kind of complaints against doctors in permanent jobs are returned to the employer.
Majority of locum doctors are from ethnic minorities and were considered easy target by their attackers and including GMC. Now, so many have payed the price:
a) tax payers (including patients)
b) doctors
c) non tax paying patients
I do not know if anyone knows how many people died because of this.
Freedom can be envied, but envy results in loss. Behind envy is greed, wanting to have more than one needs. Labour Government resented paying locum agency fees but failed to negotiate with locums independently.
A case of bad karma.

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