Thursday, 15 September 2011

Ms Margaret Sekaggya UN Report on abuses of human rights defenders

Ms Margaret Sekaggya is a lawyer, appointed by UN Human Rights Council as Special Rapporteur. She identified many abuses of human rights defenders. She listed in her report, as Special Rapporteur, measures that states should follow in order to protect human rights of human rights defenders.
Professionals like lawyers and doctors as human rights defenders suffer persecution in many states and there is poor provision in quasi judicial settings such as professional regulators as well as in judicial proceedings. Many professionals like doctors and lawyers who have acted as human rights abusers remain at large with state regulators adopting: "laisse faire" management style.
To read about abuses of medical whistleblowers in USA click HERE. Of course, abuses described by Medical Whistleblower happen in other countries around the world and Medical Whistleblower has international membership enabling sharing of intelligence.
Ms Sekaggya identified vulnerability of women human rights defenders and those dealing with gender issues, and child abuse amongst other themes of fighting for democracy and environmental issues.
D4J congratulates Ms Sekaggya for identification of factors impeding the implementation of UN Declaration on human rights defenders and her recognition that cultural factors and religious groups obstruct human rights defenders.
Please, click on her photo to read her report or skip to page 20 and 90 if interested.

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