Sunday, 28 March 2010


Today I went to the demonstration PROTEST THE POPE in front of Westminster Cathedral in London. There was a huge amount of media interest.

The Pope described our demands for his resignation as "petty gossip of dominant opinion" and the Irish bookmakers changed the odds of his resignation from 12:1 to now 3:1.

As the huge doors of the Westminster Cathedral swung open to let the congregation out, the priests stood at the door anxiously looking at the demonstrators ahead and heard the loudspeaker announce our demands for the Pope to resign.

Parents walked by with their children and I heard one boy ask his dad: "What are they doing? Why Doctors4Justice". Father said: "I'll tell you later. They are protesting", but I could see they were reading all the placards.

One woman walked by muttering to us: "Shut up! Shut Up!"

A man came straight from Westminster Cathedral to say to us: "And what about all abortions? Is that not killing?" A loud chorus protested; "Don't change the subject! Don't change the subject!Don't change the subject!" Like a crab, he run backwards towards the Cathedral with a smirk on his face. But I could see the demonstrators were well prepared for this question when they responded en masse.

Police stood thirty yards away from us and not in front of us as is the usual custom at the demonstrations. After all, we demanded the right for the police to investigate child abuse cases and not the Vatican mafia which hushed their crimes for centuries.

One of the protesters was dressed as a Pope and he demanded resignation over the loudspeaker and the right for children to be safe. Again and again as congregation stepped out and passed by us. Some took photographs.

There were no violent incidents.

This was the first public protest demanding resignation of the Pope and it has been widely reported in the world media very quickly. Doctors4Justice was right in the front row standing up for the rights of all the children in the world to be free from abuse from Catholic clergy.

Read more here. See more photographs here.

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