Sunday, 20 March 2011

6500% Increase in Prosecution of Psychiatrists by General Medical Council in United Kingdom

There has been at least 6500% increase in the prosecution of psychiatrists during Labour Government by the General Medical Council (GMC) in the last five years (2006-2010).

In the period 1992-1997 only one psychiatrist has been disciplined by GMC.

Once Labour government was elected twenty six psychiatrists had sanctions imposed on their practice, thirty nine had warnings issued to them by the regulator and had to accept undertakings in order to keep their registration as doctors.

This would also send a strong message to the medical profession to shut up and put up.

How was this possible?

The way Labour religious leadership did it was through the use of the religious and political allies. Psychiatrists are the least religious of all the doctors. Therefore, they have been perceived as the enemies of the faith by some people. In retaliation religious people (includes religious doctors who are psychiatrists) could declare atheists psychiatrists mad or make false allegations against them to their employer or the medical regulator. Their motives are kept secret, of course. The primary motive would be to discredit and destroy because religious sentiments are offended.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists allowed the establishment of the Special Interests Group in Spirituality which functioned as a secret private club at the expense of the charity. Members of Special Interest Group in Spirituality could meet, plot and depart unregistered. Some sat at the Royal College of Psychiatrists Ethics Committee as well as the Public Policy Committee where they were able to block anything that questioned religious privileges. Contrary to Good Medical Practice, patients did not matter.

Political opponents could be eliminated through medical regulator as the same people from The Royal College of Psychiatrists would come and then judge psychiatrists at The General Medical Council in the same matter they blocked at the The Royal College of Psychiatrists.

British Medical Association has been asleep for a very long time and has itself been religiously biased and totally uninterested in mentally ill being abused by religious privileges. It is well known that tyrannical regimes always attack the most vulnerable and there is so much to be learned from that. However, BMA which publishes BMJ also blocked publications of dissent by medical profession if they stood up against religious privileges and defended the rights of the patients.

Suicides went up, then the figures were hidden from psychiatrists as Labour government prevented publication. Each psychiatrist could now know only his own number of patients who committed suicide and there was no way of monitoring what was happening in the wider society. It is well known that suicides go up for a variety of reasons.

Research into religious privileges was prevented by the Labour Government as well as the reporting of what was going wrong.

Psychiatrists are important as Expert Witnesses in courts in cases of child abuse. Most religions are patriarchal and encourage child abuse. Persecution of psychiatrists run in parallel with persecution of pediatricians.

God allows extraordinary breaches of Human Rights in Bible so who is bothered about that at GMC? Please, write to us if you know of a single person.

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This does matter as GMC is a religiously biased body, otherwise they would not have Bible on its website advertising the values GMC stands for presumably.

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