Thursday, 22 October 2009


This is a General Medical Council Hearing Room. It is clean, cool, modern with efficient secretaries. This is also a place where doctors can exercise powers of life and death usually over people not present (patients, relatives, tax payers) and the accused doctor.

Extraordinary cruelty can occur in a very civilized manner: witness statements are not accepted in evidence, unnecessary psychiatric examinations are ordered for political opponents, religious prejudice reigns over reason and much more. Lengthy psychiatric reports are written on doctor never examined by psychiatrist. Professional standards! What is that? Diagnostic Criteria? Never heard of those.

General Medical Council revolving doors, not to be tampered with


sebastian borges said...

yes , they take our money and kick us in the teeth.Wonder who footed the bill for this building and is this going to benefit the poor doctor(who paid for it). Those who preach probity should also practise it.

felix said...

like the Colosseum with glass walls - but see what happened to it.