Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Current Aims and Objectives

  1. To support doctors and members of the public faces with problems relating to the UK's health service.
  2. Offer practical advice and information for complaints, employment issues, regulatory body matters etc.
  3. Offer information related to options for legal advice.
  4. Make brief representations on behalf of individuals.
  5. To make representations to the European Commissioner of Human Rights on issues related to the health service.We have been working on representing case histories related to the inconsistent decision making practices of the General Medical Council.
  6. To alleviate isolation for doctors and the public by creating a strong internet group where information can be shared and where individuals can be assisted immediately. Information sharing is vital to assist each other.
  7. To develop self help articles within our website offering free information for all.
  8. To monitor issues of inequality in the NHS and make representations on these issues to the Equality and Human Rights Commission. A member of the group managed to effect a change in GMC policy by ensuring ethnicity data is recorded to ensure future doctors have statistics to rely on when alleging discrimination against the General Medical Council.
  9. To ensure that medicine in the NHS is secular.
  10. We aim to be in a position to make representations to GMC Consultations and others within the National Health Service.
  11. We aim to listen to our members, to develop ideas and to present issues that are vital to grass root doctors.
  12. We aim to consider the creation of a new trade union at some point in the future. It has been long held that the British Medical Association does not serve the requirements of grassroots doctors.