Tuesday, 27 October 2009


It has been disturbing to see yet again an eminent psychiatrist labeling a man of above average intelligence as cognitively impaired (suffering brain damage) when there is political motivation to do so.

Psychiatrists can make extra income through private work and authorities would be only too relieved to have a person that taxes their brains too much decanted to a psychiatric institution in order to discredit him. This symbiotic relationship is something that may not be obvious to a layperson, but is a classic social problem of Human Rights Abuses.

Doctors4Justice members successfully intervened and the man is out of the psychiatric hospital now.


Anonymous said...

The reason this sort of thing happens is because there are no criminal penalties attached. Serious medical malpratice such as this should be a matter for the criminal courts and not for the corrupt GMC.

Anonymous said...

Psychiatrist as Expert Witness is unswerable to the regulatory body such as the General Medical Council and can be sued in courts for negligence, also under Human Rights Act (deprivation of liberty) and any malicious falshood.