Saturday, 20 November 2010


There are people who call themselves Christian Feminists. It does not require too much knowledge to realize that Feminism and Christianity are not compatible at all.
Feminism as a political force has been hijacked by some political groups which present themselves as on the left but are actually what some would call on the right.
For thousands of years some of the major religions practiced today including Christianity have discriminated against women and this is very easy to see in the Bible, for example, as well as in historical records. Christian Feminists assume that they have special powers to interpret what God really intended for women and men and that in fact, it was some kind of equality. That way they assure themselves that they can keep God as well as some respect for themselves for choosing allegedly non-discriminatory God.
Responsibility and accountability for the beliefs is not required. And neither is responsibility and accountability required for their own actions that follow from the set of those beliefs and values.
Ms Anna Ardin (picture ABOVE) made allegations of sexual assault against Mr Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder. She claims to be a Christian Feminist and belongs to Brotherhood and yes, not Sisterhood, a little point she missed along all other points. Brotherhood is an organization affiliated to Swedish Social Democrats and they engaged anti-Semitic speakers for their conferences.
This is what Ms Ardin thinks of herself:

My feminist reflections and comments on animal rights, Swedish politics and Cuba from a political scientist, Christian left and long distance runner will from now on be published at“

Fascinating that Ms Ardin thinks of herself as a scientist at all. I would think it is actually Mr Assange who is a scientist (physicist and mathematician).

I wonder if she considers human beings as animals who also have rights not to be harassed by false allegations.

I also wonder how her long distance running will help her when she has to confront real feminists.

Unfortunately, narcissistic people are dangerous particularly when they feel slighted in any way. I still remember some of them from the forensic psychiatric unit where I worked.

Another fascinating aspect of Christianity is its love of victimhood. Well, that is not compatible with feminism either but is both destructive and self-destructive.

Some Internet blogs report that AA has now gone on Christian mission to Palestine to make peace amongst Jews and Arabs. Is the idea that they will be united when they see her in fear of false allegations?


Anonymous said...

We cannot judge people too much. Christians are there in every form like christian communists, socialists, nudists, even swingers who are devotely christian. You have to accept human beings most of the time behave illogically like they hold together two incompatible things at the same time and practice both ways of ideas / beliefs and behaviours. How many closet believers are there in the secular camps? How many abortionists in the conswervative brigarde?Many women who are aginst domination still like to be dominated. So these are all variations which are interesting to observe.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I shall not tell anyone about the last time I saw you tied up still clutching your rosary beads.

This article is about very serious matters not about private lives or petty hypocrisy.

It is written as a series of articles to support freedom of speech.