Friday, 12 November 2010

Walk the Talk on Suicide Prevention by Dee Spears

In 2008, Andrew Lansley said in a speech to The Mental Health Network Conference……

“Mental illness is one of the greatest causes of misery in our society. It is possible to be physically ill, but still be generally happy. It is very hard to be happy and to be mentally ill. So there can be no fundamental wellbeing without good mental health. Perhaps the ultimate "no fault" illness - it can affect any one of us at any time, however talented, fortunate or careful. Just as the recession we are now facing is no respecter of social groups, mental health also touches individuals and families across Britain indiscriminately.

Matters relating to Stigma can be found on:

There are a multitude of reports and speeches I could refer to and meanwhile people are dying and families are left bereft and unsupported by a system which puts undue pressure on them at a time when restorative care is needed.

There are many concerns being expressed regarding the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman process. CBT is running late and DH state it cannot be fully accessed. LINks provision is sporadic and the Health Select Committee has launched an inquiry into the sharp rise in complaints against the NHS and the reasons behind the inflation of litigation costs in recent years.

Its Walk the Talk time…… can we now fully address this please!

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