Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Injustice to Insurers, Zurich

I cannot believe just how slow I have been in realizing what has been done to medical insurers by medical profession.

As human being when we are ill we want the best medical care there is. Doctors have a duty to act in the best interests of patients and this would include excluding those doctors whose performance is poor so that the best possible medical care is available at all times.

However, when doctor is wrongly accused and mobbed by those doctors who are less capable, jealous, vindictive mobbing has occurred. Excellent doctors have been kicked out by their own profession by further incompetence at the General Medical Council. This is particularly true in the cases of vulnerable doctors such as foreign doctors in UK.

Doctors have to be insured when practising medicine and Zurich provided insurance to both Medical Protection Society (MPS), Medical Defense Union (MDU) , solicitors and barristers.

What MDU and MPS did was to provide weak defense for the mobbed doctors (or none at all) at the General Medical Council instead of taking the vexatious complainants to court and seeking court order for those doctors to pay court costs, damages and Insurance costs.

It is obvious that in the case of a mobbed doctor insurers would be reluctant to pay several times huge sums of money for the mobbed doctor and for the mobbers who would all seek from insurers to pay their lawyers.

Psychologists and sociologist know that when something horrible happens to a person (eg severe burns causing disfiguring of face) they are perceived by normal human beings as likely to have been less attractive BEFORE they got burns.

Beautiful people when exposed to the same imaginary injustice (without any disfiguring) as less attractive people are perceived by normal people to have suffered greater injustice. In other words beautiful people have suffered more, in the minds of the normal people performing psychological testing.

Psychologists found that attractiveness is also related to self perception and that there are people who are xenophobic. Research by medical doctors in UK has found racism in medical profession.

Medical care in UK depends on foreign doctors, and science is international as are the insurers who provide global services.

Therefore, doctors should be made personally accountable for the damages they have caused to insurers and their victims.


Anonymous said...

Excellent piece HB


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