Monday, 22 February 2010

Mr Gordon Brown, PM, Anger Management

Today I read about our PM allegedly having temper outbursts, sometimes with swearing, thumping of upholstery and throwing of small items at the staff/advisers at 10 Downing Street.

London dinner parties must be lively tonight with numerous jokes about what one can do with a mobile phone, newspapers, pencils and tins of Coke when faced with infuriating subordinates. As I am busy blogging I have to entertain myself by making up some things:

Q What you do with an empty can of Coke?

PM: Throw it until you get a call from National Bullying Helpline. After that recycle.

Q: What do you do with a pencil?

PM: I use it to sharpen the minds of my advisers. After that I use pencil sharpener. (See PM's artistic potential in the right upper corner. Is there an Occupational Therapist who could resist giving him urgent assessment?)

Q: What do you do with newspapers?

PM: Read, then throw at my advisers. After that recycle both.

Q: What do you do with your mobile?

PM: Make it more mobile. I let it fly at my advisers. After that recycle both. Ask Sarah if Naomi Campbell has a spare one.

I am a compassionate Consultant Psychiatrist having suffered false allegations of madness for more than ten years thanks to the incompetence of my colleagues and the General Medical Council (GMC) in London.

Our dear PM would be delighted to know that GMC investigator, one Bill Sukhbir accepted a complaint from a Labour Party member and GMC FTP panelist, Dr Peter Jefferys , that I discharged a mentally ill person to a hotel. Must have been NHS Hotel Grand, as the patient was on Section 3 (compulsory admission to hospital) at Northwick Park Hospital, NHS. Wonderful achievement both for Labour Party and myself. Our NHS hospitals are now better than ever.

One thing that may help Prime Minister is the knowledge that GMC can produce a list of Hired Guns, psychiatrists one can depend on to write anything for a payment. Presumably, these are exactly the sort of people PM should avoid. I have the list and it is free of charge.

I am not worried about PM's mental health. Firstly, he is not female. Although, allegedly temper problems started in 2007, the same year GMC had assessed twice as many female doctors by psychiatrists compared to male doctors. Gordon is definitely a man. No, Ms Harriette Herman, Equality Minister, he is not equal to others. The man has got an advantage, and I can prove it. And you do not need my address, you know who I am.

Anger management is very easy. The only thing that is required is to change one's expectations. One has to stop projecting one's intelligence onto others.

Having lived in communism I do know about passive aggressive behaviour from those who have no incentives to do better. One finds those kind of personalities in state institutions.As the previous administration is known as the religious one and according to Bible expression of anger is a sin, I wonder if Mr Brown, a son of a religious person has finally liberated himself from some bad habits of keeping it all in.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should all follow our leaders example and throw things at people in frustration. We could start will him.

Urgent Support for Doctors

  • Sick Doctors Trust (For those with dependency problems) 0870 444 5163
  • Doctors for Doctors 08459 200 169
  • Doctors Support line 0870 765 0001
  • NHS-Direct 08456 46 47
  • BMA Counselling Service 08459200169
  • Samaritans 08457 90 90 90
  • National Bullying Helpline 0845 22 55 787