Thursday, 10 November 2011

Women prohibited from entering coffee or tea houses

Last time updated: 10-11-2011. There is now new law order which does not allow women to enter tea or coffee houses in Iran. It looks as if women will be made prisoners in their own homes and are being removed from the public/social life.
Women political activists have been arrested and imprisoned.

Read HERE about attempts to force Sharia Law in London suburb on all people there.

Today Home Secretary Ms Theresa May outlawed one of the Muslim extremists groups, Muslims Against Crusades who tried to create Sharia Law areas in London .

Sharia Courts against women read HERE

However, we do know that English and non-sharia courts are biased against women claimants too. Women doctors get bad treatment in High Court if whistleblowers in NHS, in an obvious example and people die because of that.

It is not enough for a High Court judge, to protest against sharia law but not examine her own actions too. When something makes us angry in other people it may be a good idea to ask oneself what is it that we are not admitting to ourselves about ourselves. Willful blindness prevents us from looking at some aspects of our identity.

As I walk down the street I noticed my own frequent irritation with weeds and rubbish in other people's front gardens, but mine is very much in need of more work. For weeks, I have been procrastinating in moving one particularly overgrown Margaritas area out of the way. Grass has grown too tall amongs the flowers and is awkward to weed without damaging some flowers too.


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Dr Rita Pal's New Book
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