Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Political Mind and Medical Regulation

It has been known for some time that brain functioning determines how decisions are made including those in politics. Click HERE TO READ MORE.

Therefore, one could conclude that wrong political appointments in medical regulation could be completely disastrous for public, patients and doctors because regulators have to deal with very complex matters at times.

The research has shown that the brains of liberal and conservatives tend to be different. Researcher pointed there was some overlap but with 75% certainty just by looking at the MRI brain scan he could predict if the person is likely to be liberal or conservative in their persuasion.

According to the latest research by Ryota Kanai et al liberals tend to be better at dealing with complex matters (conflict situations such as when there are errors in the messages presented to them) judging by their performance in tests which correlated with their larger amount of gray matter in Anterior Cingulate Cortex compared to conservatives. Conservatives have been found to have larger brain structure (right amygdala) that responds to fear (threat) when compared to liberals.

Liberals are known to be more open to new ways of looking at the situations with element of uncertainty. They are more open for example, to new social, scientific and religious ideas. Anterior cingulate cortex, a brain region is larger and more active in liberals. This is the brain area used in decision making, empathy and emotion. Read more about the function of Anterior cingulate cortex HERE.

Right amygdala function click HERE.

To read more on the latest research published in Current Biology: Research by Ryota Kanai, Tom Field, Colin Firth, Geraint Rees please, click HERE.

Genetic influences do play a part in how brain develops but so does the experience. Brain growth does depend on emotional experience and other environmental factors. Please, click HERE to read more.

Even giving birth causes some brain areas to grow. It appears their midbrain regions have grown as the result of pregnancy. Read about it HERE. Brain of new fathers is also changed reducing fear, too.

Politics and neurobiology are very interesting subject and clearly are the new growth area in itself. With increasing diversity in politics one can expect to see the benefits of different environmental influences on brain development and therefore decision making.

Brain is plastic and how cingulate cortex develops depends on emotional experiences. Read more HERE.


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