Saturday, 1 January 2011


Today I went to the Sports Centre and it was not very busy at all. In fact, it has been quieter than most days. Many New Year resolutions would have been made only yesterday and getting more exercises would have been one of the top resolutions. In some countries, like USA, over 60% of the population is overweight now.
Procrastination is the most common mechanism for not putting into practice what has been decided. Click here to read more about psychological mechanism for dealing with it.
Once I read an interesting book called Psycho-dynamic Manager and it had quite interesting way of looking at procrastination as essentially being a fear of inferiority. It also listed various ways in which procrastination can manifest physically and mentally. Many people do not even know when the are procrastinating as they are so good at lying to themselves.

Here are some physical manifestations of procrastination:

feeling weak, tired
abdominal aches
and so on


Needless to say there are many obstacles: gray clouds, clothes not matching sports bag and the need to attend to priority number one in New Year resolution: to spend more time with family and friends.

Generally speaking, it may be easier to recognize sadness than anger in oneself and both are easier for people to see than fear in oneself.

To get a new habit of facing one's fear on a daily basis means doing it everyday. People who are open to new are less fearful.

After procrastination, comes a bit of activity later on in January and February and by March, April it is back to the old habits as usual.


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