Friday, 25 February 2011

Mr Gordon Brown MP and Faith Politics by Dr Helen Bright

Recently our ex-Prime Minister gave a speech. To read it click on his photograph on the left.
He is trying to survive at the time when the majority of British people are not religious any more and have stood by their perception of injustices done by the religious regime when they voted him out. He is arguing for "rich faith politics", as if denial was not something he knows about.
He told his audience that God's mind is unknowable but also that the most we can hope for is to be on God's side.
Out of fear? Lack of faith in oneself? Logic does not come into his reasoning, it appears. How can one be on the side of something that is unknowable?
Mr Gordon Brown also thinks that human beings have God given qualities to reflect, reason, and re-assess unlike other species. As if he has never been in Parliament and had the experiences to the contrary. This parrot has certainly reasoned what she has to do and say to get to her reward: watch here. It is well known that some animals e.g. monkeys enjoy solving puzzles and will do it for no obvious external rewards. But they get internal reward of pleasure.
Click here to watch David Attenborough's program and observe intelligence in Capuchin monkeys. Yes, and we do note that there is difference in ability within the same species. Capuchin monkeys like some human beings learn that some of their family members cannot be trusted when they raise false alarms, for example, when seeing a large and harmless snake. Mr Gordon Brown describes his opposition to what he sees as sterile liberal secularism. Of course, secularism opposes religion in public life but that is in the interest of the community which includes those who are religious.

Many animals do have reasoning ability and do reassess the situation they find themselves in. Reflections may have been shared with me and others, but do we speak their language? Watch here a bored (even yawning!) budgie trying to wake up the cat. There is a remarkable range of what appear to be phrases as well as emotion associated with it.

Mr Gordon Brown British MP concluded his speech with: "we must be humble enough to guard against theocratic error when faith enters the public square. But yes too, there is a greater risk, the sin of omission and we must never again allow the voices of faith to feel excluded from their rightful role. So let the trumpet sound. The voices of faith must and will be heard."

Could this be Mr Gordon Brown playing the trumpet with Archbishop of Cantebury as a conductor? La Virgin de la Macarena.

I also learned that British MPs start their Parliamentary sessions with prayer! Why not send them on Anxiety Management Course and make them practice every day what they have learned. There are numerous online self-help sites, so why do they do not do that?

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