Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Jeremy Corbyn, Harassment on English Allotments - Anarchists and rightwing racists relentless attacks

There has been a large increase in racially and politically motivated attacks on gardeners on English allotments.

The history has been that rather than give the poor land so they can survive and not die from hunger, the concept of council owned allotments was created where land is rented to gardeners.

Because of the mental health benefits it has been accepted that gardening is to be supported.

Now vulnerable individuals have been repeatedly attacked by racists who provoke incidents and disturb peaceful gardening. There are insults, physical attacks, sabotage, theft, criminal damage. Some people had been burglered 9 times or more.

Police have been contacted numerous times and they do keep records of increased racially motivated attacks. This includes attacks on very blond and blue eyed Eastern Europeans, women and older people.

There is suspected damage to cars and bikes as well as gardening  equipment because people have to park near to allotments.

While it is possible to find that the majority of gardeners want protection councils refuse to meet up and implement the measures that would improve security of the poor. There is no CCTV cameras no barbed fancing.

The right wing haters have also come out with hatred of foxes but not all animals. Some bread mosquitous in water tubs as it is easy to get water out of these by scooping it out with a water can. Less work and less competition is not their published motto, but behaviour says it all.

Ignorance mixed with hatred is a nasty combination. There has already been one death on one allotment in London. There will be more and now death treats are open even infront of probation officer (who was also gardening there). This suggests some questions: Is it mere stupidity to make death treats infront of the probation officer or confidence that there is support there.

Today a newspaper published where Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of opposition is gardening. We are not giving you a link to this article because everyone has the right to privacy and personal safety. It was reported that he kept his allotment neat but for how much longer will he be able to attend to it if he is harassed and needs mega security?

So the envious destroy loving natured people by rubbishing them and making their life utter misery.