Saturday, 5 October 2013

English judges grip the fence

For some time now it has been recognized that British courts are biased when it comes to religion. Therefore, one perceives failure to be independent, and act in accordance with the law which presumably, demands fairness, truth and justice.

The most recent exposure of judges attendance at Westminster Abbey service at least once a year is just one example of how not to do public relations. While it may pain some judges to attend irrational ceremony or amuse others the impression one gets is that of judicial conformity beyond the necessity. It certainly is not impressive to see judges praying for anything and especially, not for the divine guidance. Do they not see that? Very embarrassing for the judiciary. Also it looks very oppressive for the state to treat the judges in this way.

Westminster Abbey Host Annual Service For Judges Photograph from Guardian, click on it to read the article by Joshua Rosenberg

There is nothing to stop the judges from saying a little "No" to this outdated tradition. So, why not put that on their agenda?

If the judiciary feel the need for a bit of ceremony and socializing at the start of each legal term there are professional performing circus artists, stand up comedians, party organizers, massage therapists, anxiety management therapists, sport competitions (swimming is good as are martial arts), leadership courses, meditation classes, musicians, dancers and numerous entertainment venues.

Click here to watch an innocent dance by a Pakistani judge on UTube. He resigned after it. We do not know if it was to take up some dancing lessons. 

Here are some costumes for the judge. There are countries like Greece and Norway where judges wear business suit. Yeah, why not look smart in Armani or whatever suits you. Fashion and dignity.

Interestingly, Serbian Judges Association started with a slogan: "I do not agree"