Tuesday, 24 January 2012

General Medical Council and Criminal Records Bureau checks by Dr Helen Bright

According to the response to Freedom of Information request from Criminal Records Bureau UK's regulator of medical profession has performed only two Criminal Records checks in the last twelve months. If one takes into consideration the number of staff (at least 500) and fitness to practice panelists (at least a couple of hundred if not more) as well as their turnover, this number of Criminal Records Bureau checks appears to be far too low.
Both medical professionals and patients are far too vulnerable to take risks with those who may have even been caught in criminal activities, even if this was some time ago. They should not be part of medical regulation.
Some organizations with criminal intent may actually have the program of infiltrating regulators.

Doctors4Justice would like to see better scrutiny of staff and panelists at the General Medical Council.
General Medical Council has been engaged in persecution of locum doctors in particular for many years now but these doctors get CRB checks once a year at least and sometimes more frequently on changes of organizations where they work or employment agencies which find them work. General Medical Council employs doctors in permanent jobs and these doctors may had one CRB check many years ago when they were first employed.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Congratulations, Sharon Smiley wins the right to benefits

Sharon Smiley won her case after being fired for working during lunch hour. Prior to being fired she was given more and more work and needed to work during lunch hour to finish the work. After she was fired she could get no benefits and experienced significant hardship. She had a stroke as well in 2009 and had to take some time off.
Her state - Illinois, seems to have laws that allow firing for no reason as well as long as it is not discriminatory!
No lawyer wanted to take her case. She had to do it herself. She won the right to state benefits which, of course, only pay a proportion of her previous salary. Awful case, really.
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