Saturday, 26 November 2011

Irena Sendlerowa

Many people never heard of this heroine who saved thousands of Jewish children during Nazi occupation of Poland where she lived.
Even before the war she was expelled from university for her opposition to ghetto benches.
Her father was one of the first Polish Socialists, a doctor who treated poor Jewish people other doctors refused to help.
During the Second World War she saved thousands of children from certain death in Warsaw Ghetto. Some children were smuggled out in body bags, some in coffins and some in tool boxes. Please, click on the photo to read her extraordinary biography.
She was caught by Nazis, had her legs broken when tortured but endured and never disclosed who her accomplices were.
She lived to be 98 and in recent years was a candidate for Nobel Peace Prize.
Paul and Elena Millar dedicated this music to Irena Sendler Click HERE to listen.
Despite extensive documentation of Holocaust there are still people who deny it. Click HERE to read about Holocaust denial.
Nazi regime also persecuted large numbers of Germans: sick, disabled, dissidents, critics, homosexuals and even Nazis thought to be potential threat to those in power. Read more about it HERE.