Sunday, 20 March 2011

Astrology and star signs of judges at ECHR by Dr Helen Bright

Out of curiosity I decided to find out the star signs of judges at European Court of Human Rights. As their dates of birth are available on the Internet this was not so difficult. The most frequent horoscope star sign of the judges at European Court of Human Rights is Scorpio. :) What a surprise or perhaps not! Those who know about the horoscopes would say it makes perfect sense that only people to whom time is of no consequence when it comes to justice would endure all it takes to get to it and would be the most committed. Scorpios have been described as elusive just like justice itself but also the best lawyers. Demanding of themselves and others, Scorpios are not to be messed with. It is exactly what life is like itself if one wants to have justice. They are compassionate and determined and can achieve any goal they set themselves especially with one particular sign.

The star signs with lowest representation amongst judges at ECHR are Gemini (said to have amazing brain able to integrate knowledge into new concepts but difficult to keep up with, and lacking patience), followed by Cancer (too sentimental), and Capricorn (too busy making money).

The most common signs are so called Fixed signs amongst the judges. These like stability.

The least common are Cardinal signs, the ones that take action. Cardinal signs are the people who start something (leaders).

The ones in the middle or the second most common group amongst the judges are communicators or Mutable signs. The role of this lot is to prevent the Cardinal and Fixed destroying each other. The most common amongst the mutable signs are the Virgos who are compatible with Scorpios but can never escape them.

Total number analyzed 46 judges. Many questions remained unanswered.

Is there anything in this fun study? The sample is by its very nature small and limits meaningful statistical analysis. There are 12 star signs and 46 judges. One would expect therefore, only three judges to be Scorpios, but this is not the case. There are eight.

There is certainly some scientific evidence from other studies for several biological aspects related to time of birth.

What has fascinated me now for some time is the influence of food/medication on genes. Food can be seasonal. Different amounts of radiation are also seasonal. Can environmental changes influence brain development? There is some scientific evidence that this is the case. Mice given methamphetamine showed different gene expression.
With global supply of food there is less seasonal variation for the most affluent. However, biological clock is set depending on season of birth and it may influence the level of activity. However, if one looks at the signs regarded as Cardinal they are all born in different seasons. Physical activity as shown in mice is just one aspect of behavior and no one knows what they think.

6500% Increase in Prosecution of Psychiatrists by General Medical Council in United Kingdom

There has been at least 6500% increase in the prosecution of psychiatrists during Labour Government by the General Medical Council (GMC) in the last five years (2006-2010).

In the period 1992-1997 only one psychiatrist has been disciplined by GMC.

Once Labour government was elected twenty six psychiatrists had sanctions imposed on their practice, thirty nine had warnings issued to them by the regulator and had to accept undertakings in order to keep their registration as doctors.

This would also send a strong message to the medical profession to shut up and put up.

How was this possible?

The way Labour religious leadership did it was through the use of the religious and political allies. Psychiatrists are the least religious of all the doctors. Therefore, they have been perceived as the enemies of the faith by some people. In retaliation religious people (includes religious doctors who are psychiatrists) could declare atheists psychiatrists mad or make false allegations against them to their employer or the medical regulator. Their motives are kept secret, of course. The primary motive would be to discredit and destroy because religious sentiments are offended.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists allowed the establishment of the Special Interests Group in Spirituality which functioned as a secret private club at the expense of the charity. Members of Special Interest Group in Spirituality could meet, plot and depart unregistered. Some sat at the Royal College of Psychiatrists Ethics Committee as well as the Public Policy Committee where they were able to block anything that questioned religious privileges. Contrary to Good Medical Practice, patients did not matter.

Political opponents could be eliminated through medical regulator as the same people from The Royal College of Psychiatrists would come and then judge psychiatrists at The General Medical Council in the same matter they blocked at the The Royal College of Psychiatrists.

British Medical Association has been asleep for a very long time and has itself been religiously biased and totally uninterested in mentally ill being abused by religious privileges. It is well known that tyrannical regimes always attack the most vulnerable and there is so much to be learned from that. However, BMA which publishes BMJ also blocked publications of dissent by medical profession if they stood up against religious privileges and defended the rights of the patients.

Suicides went up, then the figures were hidden from psychiatrists as Labour government prevented publication. Each psychiatrist could now know only his own number of patients who committed suicide and there was no way of monitoring what was happening in the wider society. It is well known that suicides go up for a variety of reasons.

Research into religious privileges was prevented by the Labour Government as well as the reporting of what was going wrong.

Psychiatrists are important as Expert Witnesses in courts in cases of child abuse. Most religions are patriarchal and encourage child abuse. Persecution of psychiatrists run in parallel with persecution of pediatricians.

God allows extraordinary breaches of Human Rights in Bible so who is bothered about that at GMC? Please, write to us if you know of a single person.

Click HERE for Evil Bible on murder, rape and other abuses.
This does matter as GMC is a religiously biased body, otherwise they would not have Bible on its website advertising the values GMC stands for presumably.

Click Here for Muslim Watch on child abuse.

And Here on Judaism and child abuse:

And HERE on Child abuse by religions.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Judge Luigi Tosti dismissed over crucifix in court

Judge Luigi Tosti has been dismissed from his job because he refused to sit in a court with a crucifix. He said his objection is based on secular constitution of the country in the first place.

He wrote this to Mark Alan Di Martino:

Thank you all for your solidarity and support. I’m an atheist. At first I placed the symbol of the UAAR (Italian Union of Atheist and Agnostic Rationalists) next to the crucifix, claiming as an atheist the same rights as Catholics. This symbol was immediately removed because it was deemed offensive to Catholic sensibilities. Later I asked permission to place a menorah next to the crucifix as a reminder of pope Ratzinger’s words, which assert Europe’s “Judeo-Christian” roots. I did this because I know that Catholics are racist hypocrites and they’d never have allowed a Jewish symbol to be placed by the crucifix. And, in effect, I was right, because I was denied even this. Evidently, this is because the menorah, too, offends the sensibilities of the “superior” Catholics.

Luigi Tosti's battle with the authorities has been a long one. Italian constitution is secular but there are regulations incompatible with that constitutional aim such as regulations demand for crucifixes in courts and other public places (schools). Constitutional court refused to address incompatibility saying in case of crucifixes in court that it is not their job as regulation is not law. There is of course, Italian Parliament but for some reason these men are not willing to concentrate their minds on the problem.

It is rather oppressive just to see the judge in this situation. This kind of behavior does occur when the tyranny of a regime is under threat.

But also one has to ask why have not all his colleagues gone on strike to support him.

We are not impressed with Italians leaving a colleague stranded like this.

Genocide and crimes against humanity HERE


Secularism has lost and theocracy has won as the previous European Court of Human Rights judgment in Lautsi v Italy case has been overruled by Grand Chamber of the same court.

Please, click on the image to read more. And HERE to read the judgment. You will note this case was brought up by a mother for the benefit of her two children, that European Court permitted intervention of 33 states in this case and that she had one lawyer!!

So is this about overwhelming numbers then? Well, it just shows you how important this woman's actions have been that thirty three states felt so threatened by her. My heart goes out to her and her lawyer.

Well , the judgment is final but human evolution is not.

What Italian people and others need to do is to choose the politicians who truly represent their values. We do know who represents Italy and all the other countries as this is public knowledge.

So good people of Europe will rise up against this oppression by their state apparatus.

The court judgment today is one gone tomorrow. There are countries who have freed themselves of religion in the classroom.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Review Nuclear Plants by Dr Helen Bright

Photo Sizewell. UK.
Following the disaster of tsunami at Fukushima where back up electric power failed (required to pump water for cooling) and with it the capacity to cool down the plant one cannot fail to see here another nuclear plant so close to water and yet so far. Should one have different designs with back ups less dependent on batteries?

Nuclear whistleblowers in USA did point to various dangers of this reactor many years ago.

How elastic should the structures be to enable it to withstand the earthquakes? The horrific pictures of exposed nuclear rods is almost too much to bear. Alternatively, should some structures be burred? Engineers are the ones who can answer these questions and weigh the risks.

All nuclear plants must be reviewed now for safety threats due to natural disasters in order to improve current and future plant designs. Earthquakes will happen again. They may happen in areas considered safer than Japan. The world is hungry for power but not good at fortune telling.

Widespread distrust of officialdom has led to panic buying in many countries of things like potassium iodide salt tablets in hope to absorb the radiation if it spreads to the rest of the world.

Nuclear whistleblowers are from different professions: some are scientists but not all. Mr Latif Amin, British nuclear whistleblower was a customs official who was sacked for talking to journalists about nuclear smuggling.

WikiLeaks report on whistleblowers from General Electric about the lack of safety at Fukushima to Japanese Governement is here. There was a cover up and falsification of records by Japanese and some GE worker as well.

Japanese Whistleblower Act came late.

The culture of corporate loyalty has much to offer as I know only too well from my own working for a Japanese company when I was a medical student. However, whistleblowing although it may seem paradoxical is an act of loyalty. People who do not care do not bother to criticize or expose the failures.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Eighty Five Doctors Killed in Karachi

Since 1990 eighty five doctors have been killed in Karachi. The motives are usually sectarian violence but some have been subjected to extortion as well.

Recently, Pakistan Medical Council has received thousands of applications from doctors for Certificates of good character to enable them to move and work abroad.

Of course, in UK these certificates are denied to those who upset political establishment. I certainly know about that.

Doctors are very vulnerable as they can be easily found through their clinics and hospitals. Having a certain surname is sometimes enough for a doctor to become a target. For example, a Shia sounding name. As one may expect some of those identified as Shia doctors had no political or religious affiliations whatsoever.

In Pakistan doctors have worked under intolerable conditions. Sometimes mobs would prevent patient entering clinic and there have been threats against doctors treating patients.

Unfortunately, doctors from Pakistan may find that their dream immigration country is not what it seems. There is political and social repression of doctors and non-doctors who hold views which are not characterized by mysticism or beliefs in supernatural forces in many parts of the world. Immigrant doctors are treated badly in many places and are isolated and thus easy targets for bullying again.

In England there is religious bias in all medical institutions including the medical regulator. Certain issues cannot be discussed and patients do suffer. There are, of course, rules and guidance and law, but so what. Who cares!? In some of The Royal Colleges members of religious groups have attacked doctors directly through the medical regulator and have worked at the medical regulator's Fitness to Practice. They have been effective at preventing research and its publication.

Maybe the thought of these desperate doctors trying to flee Pakistan would make things worse for some outspoken British doctors who could be seen as easily replaceable by the hospitals who employ them or by the regulator who can strike them off as demanded by the NHS (National Health Service) managers.

In ancient Rome doctors were slaves. Warfare was important method of acquiring slaves, but bankrupting individuals was another way. Sometimes head of the family sold his children into slavery. Today doctors are not called slaves although some may feel treated as if they were.

Religion is important method for causing divisiveness and wars
today as it was in the past. Some Pakistani Internet forums blame foreign powers for giving support to extremism, others urge Pakistani people to accepting responsibility for their current situation.

Photo: a militant group arrested who allegedly killed three doctors. Click on the photograph to read more.

OBAMAS on BULLYING by Dr Helen Bright

Today President Obama and his wife Michelle, both lawyers, are in charge of the conference on bullying prevention in USA schools. This is really, an important initiative or great value.

It is known that bullying is a big problem affecting millions of children with bad effects that can carry on into adulthood. It is not just a US problem!
Click on the photo on the left to read more.

As an adult one can be bullied by those who suffered bullying in their childhoods. From my personal experience, one of the reasons why this displacement of aggression and anger is not recognized by authorities is sexual prejudice against men who are perceived as stronger than women and therefore, not seen often enough as emotionally needy or victims of bullying. Both as children and adults they are less likely to receive social support and help such as counseling or medication for emotional problems. Thus, problems become entrenched and when victim turns into a bully more people are affected.

Even professionals such as doctors or nurses working in psychiatry can take their anger with origins in childhood experience of victimization out on their colleagues in full view of the public, or tribunal and nobody is attentive enough to see it for what it is.

Human beings are fond of fantasy life and it includes many beliefs resulting in attitudinal problems such leaning on men to do it all (frequent depiction in patriarchal religions). Courts and police have a lot of catching up to do as there is still poor treatment of the victims: one the obvious one, the other less so.

There are situations when it is impossible for some children and adults to avoid areas of vulnerability: physical, social or psychological. A boy who has the appearance of being stronger (taller and more muscular) than other children in his class year but has, for example, a hearing problem can become a target of merciless bullying by school children. Later on, as an adult he may repeatedly experience victimization at home and work due to poor choices and fear of standing up for himself. Both learned behaviors. He may bully in less obvious ways such as nit picking on a vulnerable colleague.

The economic consequences of bullying on the state agencies who become involved ( police, courts, health provision) are much larger than one can imagine.

Read here how cruelty springs from weakness and characteristics of bully, including corporate bully and social psychopath.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

We are not a religious country - banned

The British Humanist Association advertisement has been banned from railways by the companies that owe them.

Advertising Standards Authority appears not to have woken up to the political reality either judging by some of their decisions.

People, really, are fed up of being misrepresented by some politicians and their money being used for purposes that make them sick.

I took part in the last census and when asked about my religion the researcher would not accept my answer that I had none and insisted on finding out about the religion of my mother and my father in order to fit me into one of the religions. This of course, has been done all across the country and hence protestations.

Censorship of non-religious opinions is every day reality. State institutions are particularly vicious in that respect and participate in persecution of individuals for many years. Professionals, well educated and not poor either had been attacked and some permanently destroyed during Labour government.

Medical trade unions have done nothing to combat religious and careerists misusing their power even when hundreds of doctors were lost. Doctors with interest in child protection, mental health, reproductive rights, gender re-assignment issues and women's rights are always more vulnerable during religious regimes. Women and children are meant to be man's property according to major religions, so religious regime closed its eyes to those who abused their positions (power) to destroy others. Usually allegations of misconduct have been made as in these situations medical defense bodies are most likely not to be interested in providing legal back up. Insurance companies are unlikely to get hit if there is no allegations of clinical incompetence. So it is not in their interest to protect the doctor.

In National Health Service, twenty nine million pounds was spent on chaplains in year 2009/2010 showing no health benefit. Meanwhile cancer and other patients cannot get medication. A friend of mine, a pharmacist, went to see her GP to get a prescription of an antidepressant which she had before and which helped her but was told it was too expensive. She managed to assert herself but was quite upset by the consultation. Many mentally ill people would not have the knowledge or the strength to fight for their medicine.

While some of the poorest countries in Europe signed and ratified Council of Europe conventions that would protect the rights of e.g. children, UK did not. However, it has always been busy telling other countries about human rights abuses in there.

Here is one report from Commissioner on Human Rights on corporal punishment of children who were also found to have been discriminated in law.

Teachers who represent the threat to oppressive religious regime also had suffered attacks and exclusion from schools which became religious schools.