Thursday, 15 March 2012

Goldman Sachs and talk about clients

Getty Photo of CEO of Goldman Sachs

Recently Goldman Sachs have been attacked for the way they spoke about their clients and about 2.2 billions were wiped of the share value. Is this fair?

All professionals say things about their clients that when taken from "back stage" to public look very bad. But real life is that all professionals sometimes just get a bit of relief from their frustrations in that kind of talk. The more outrageous it is, the greater the benefit to mental health. It is not meant to be shared with the rest of the world and never with clients.

Doctors say terrible things about their patients, lawyers about their clients, politicians about their constituents, actors about the public who pay to see them.

Those who love us very much and would give their lives for us want us dead sometimes. Yes, parents do get murderous thoughts about their children. It is a taboo subject a bit, but it is true that we have "aggressive" parts to our personalities.

Having overheard my dearest aunt and mother gossip about me once was just incredible. I could not believe it. Yet, both loved me a lot and did more for me than I would ever know.

Several times I obtained information held on me by various officials/professionals and in their hand written notes frustration came in various ways: I was mad, impossible to reason with and yet their official correspondence with me was most professional. I just laughed at it.

Only in cases when speech translated into malicious action, I had reason for more than concern.

Sociologists described backstage persona as different to what we present to clients as professionals. That is normal human behaviour.

I guess some people will make a lot of money out of this by buying Goldman Sachs shares as these will rise again.