Thursday, 29 October 2015

Ghosts at The Royal College of Psychiatrists!!!

For some time now British psychiatrists have got themselves involved deeply with spiritual matters. It may shock the readers from the more enlightened societies in this world that this institution has Special Interest Group in Spirituality (the idea of Prince Charles). Soon due to have their next meeting, not too far removed from Halloween, but enough. They will be considering their failings. Surely, with all the assistance of all the gods in this universe, and the parallel ones, failure is impossible. Yes, many people died because of the actions of at least one of them, but in the ghost world they have merely relocated without the forwarding address other than vague "sea" if we follow the logic of Matt Berry, BBC's star.
When you watch the film below you will realise that UK is ideally located for ghosts as these reside in the sea and GB is an island and while not as great as China, it is an island.
Click HERE to watch ghosts in action. It is not scary at all.
Matt Berry, you are clever not to be a doctor as with the richness of your language alone you would meet more than one ghost handler at the medical regulator, The General Medical Council, the collector of really scary ghosts stories. 

Monday, 19 October 2015

Post Ball Prince Charles not going to a ball

2D2BC05B00000578-0-image-a-20_1444345022904.jpg (634×509)Prince Charles, Patron of The Royal College of Psychiatrists, in England, Europe, is not going to attend a state banquet for Chinese President Xi Jinping following reporting from the media, including Daily Mail (click on their photo to read more) that he supported a paedophile bishop Ball by providing him with housing. The Bishop Ball is now in jail. At least one of his victims committed suicide.

In UK, four times as many men as women commit suicide. Some of those are victims of sexual abuse. The majority - over 80% of victims of abuse by clergy are men. Contributing to the suffering of men is unlawful, discriminatory approach to the treatment of survivors by British psychiatrists who have protected paedophiles for a while now by failing to provide correct conditions for diagnosis and treatment of these men.

Despite repeated requests to The Royal College of Psychiatrists to provide advise against the wearing of religious uniforms when working with mentally ill, they have refused. Yes, they have acknowledged that uniforms are not worn by psychiatrists such as white coats, but when it comes to religious uniforms they have no balls to tell the truth as it is: uniforms are a barrier to communications between patients and mental health care workers. They repeatedly and wilfully ignore their constitution which allows them to take action that is in the interests of the mentally ill. One of the functions they have is to advise the government, but they are mute on the point of religious uniforms because they have allowed moral corruption in. Their Chief Executive refused to disclose the names of the people who sat at their Public Policy Committee. Yes, that is against the law. But minority have the ways of rewarding such people - she got some honour somewhere.

To make the matters worse The Royal College of Psychiatrists allowed the establishment of Special Interest Spirituality Group which has worked against the interests of the patients. One of the members called her patients evil. This is like going back to the times when it was thought that demons possessed mentally ill. According to that logic current British Prime Minister is something supernatural nasty as he was the father of a boy who had epileptic seizures and died from it. Similarly, there was history of epilepsy and other mental disorders in the members of the royal family. Does Prince Charles really think that his family is supernatural?

Special Interest Group in Spirituality also had hit squad members causing havoc at GMC by removal from the medical register of a psychiatric specialist who pointed that religious uniforms should not be worn when working with mentally ill. They declared this serious professional misconduct and imposed no less than 16 conditions on her practise which could never be met. This is known as constructive erasure. In USA, Dr Bright's paper was published and you can read it. The nasty web of deceit spun through British medical institutions killed people and ruined lives of families and friends.

Prince Charles not only founded this spirituality group at The Royal College of Psychiatrists in 1999 but also pressed for it since early 1990's at least (time when bishop Ball had police showing interest in him for his criminal behaviour towards children). When Prince Charles was asked to intervene at The Royal College of Psychiatrists regarding the wearing of religious uniforms, his office stated it was just a matter of opinion and obviously, refused to do anything. They did not want more allegations against clergy to emerge. Patients should not talk! Yes, so much about human rights in UK. Just in one area where uniformed nun worked eight more people killed themselves. This is above their usual number of suicides per year.

Even today there are serious consequences of the ex-secretary of the Christian Medical Fellowship striking at Dr Helen Bright who performed the first study in the world on the wearing of religious uniforms in mental health. Read it here.

GMC (General Medical Council - regulator of medical profession in UK) protected paedophiles too. With committed regularity their head of panel formation put furious religious workers to judge Dr Helen Bright: exorcist at one hearing, preacher from Broadmore Hospital at another, other religious workers at other hearings, mental torture going on for years. GMC press office refused to answer if the head of the disciplinary panel formation worked for Opus Dei as it was alleged. However, soon after the question was asked she was gone from her job.

Of course, we do know that distressed people are more likely to be xenophobic and religious. Targeted administration of magnetic energy can reduce religiosity as well as racial hostility. And researchers at the University of York achieved that. 

So, at the next meeting with Chinese President Jinping should UK ask for more magnets to be manufactured to treat fearfulness and despondency in UK?

Doctors4Justice is aware of the symbiotic relationship between clergy and royalty. We do know that missionary goes in first, creates social injustice and soldier follows. Then, there is plunder. D4J is perfectly aware of the vast natural resources in Tibet as would be those who lost their religious foothold there. Prince Charles has been supporting a certain clergy member from Tibet....

Anyway here is some nice relaxing noise of rain drops which do not have to fall into a golden Tibetan bowl.

For those of you interested in the relationship between depression and greed read Melanie Klein, a psychoanalyst who wrote a book with a title "Envy and Gratitude". She suffered from major depression and pioneered child psychoanalysis.

Prince Charles' suffering at his boarding school which amounted to torture has been described here. One of the consequences of denial of one's true feelings is the need for something else to take the pain away such as various addictions. Religion has been described as opium of the people. But like other addictions it does not work long-term. At the end of the day one still has to do the necessary mental work.