Saturday, 14 November 2015

Russians lay a mountain of flowers for the French in sympathy over attacks

Russians have laid a mountain of flowers in sympathy for the French Click here to see

In other countries like Serbia, President suggested that citizens could express both sympathy and gratitude. In Belgrade where there is a monument called: Gratitude to France. President spoke how citizens could light candles there and Mayor of Belgrade did.

English seem to be far less emotionally expressive. Years of suppression are evident in stiffness of more than one area, traditionally the lip and the wallet. BBC showed photographs from some embassies around the world. But also a reporter moved by French people's hope for the future.

It is also true that British people have been victimized when they tried to speak up with no rehabilitation ever of, for example, whistle blowers. Understanding just how nasty the system is to British people is possible: from very early on children are made to attend religious schools by their ignorant parents. Tolerance for social injustice is installed in British way of life from very early on. Most do not dare speak up.

Even politicians in British Parliament have to suffer religious indoctrination on a daily basis in the form of prayers. There is no evidence that they read the Bible in full ever although it was sent to each of them. Selective reading, lack of critical thinking, do diminish the ability to create and defend human rights such as liberty. British accepted sharia courts. That is not madness but gross irresponsibility of the masses that failed to stand up to their politicians. Even political parties choose leaders at times that people look at with disdain and justifiably so.

 It is like it really does not matter that UK encouraged religious extremism which does lead to wars, wars to plundering and plundering to poverty which in turn makes people more likely to be religious. Most British people are not religious, but where is their voice?