Thursday, 8 March 2018

Wash your own pants, I don't want a rose I want revolution - International Women's Day - Many demonstrations and celebrations around the world

  "Casher wishes to go to the seaside" from demonstrations in Croatia stressing low wages for women, a recurrent problem all over the world

                       Spanish women stopped most of the trains countrywide and 5 million people joined the strike. Probably the biggest protest in the world

Women march in central London, following in the footsteps of the suffragettes. Photograph: Ray Tang/Rex/Shutterstock in Guardian newspaper
New York, USA

Colombia photo Reuters
Liberian demonstration with dance ENA
nImage may contain: 1 person, smiling, outdoor and nature Ice maidens who crossed Antarctica last year elebrated today in UK 8th March 2018 and encouraged other women not to give up and to support each other

Istanbul Reuters
Pakistan Reuters highlight on acid attacks on women 

Nepal women's police officers band celebrating International Women's Day Photo Navesh Chitrakar/Reuters

Belgrade demonstrations

Many companies have offered large discounts to women in China, and  France. McDonalds inverted its trade marke to W.
In some countries women have either whole or part of the day off. In Belgrade, Serbia, a bus driver decided to change bus destination to: Happy 8th March. Some women wanted his phone number, men to photograph the bus.

Iranian women could not have their demonstrations today as police were waiting for them ready to prevent expressions of protest. It is not known yet how many were arrested. Regime invented a date of birth of Fatima on 9th March as something they could be allowed to celebrate. May the ghost of Clara Zetkin visit them if they believe in such things.

 More Here from The New York Times

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